Beams & angles

Distriscenes offers aluminium beams different shapes and lengths to create your custom scenic structure.

Length of beams : We offer different structure lengths to meet your needs. The size of the beams will depend on your transport logistics, use (fixed or mobile) and your mounting time.

Choose between alu structures in triangle or square The structures triangle are the most sold, for their more affordable price. However, they require you to take into account the orientation of the tip during the assembly. Thus, they leave less freedom in the realization of evolutionary structures.

The structures in square leave you more freedom to change your structure, adding elements as you move. These beams also provide more solidity due to their square shape.

Colors :
On our online store beams are available in one color: aluminium.
But on demand our manufacturer ASD proposes to apply a coloured finish specially designed to withstand transport and mounting manipulations.
So you can create structures in the colors of your choice!