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Reference: WMS45S-A
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Wireless system with headband microphone C544L. Battery powered for the box and mains powered for the receiver. 10 hours of battery life.
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Expense, move freely! With the Perception Wireless 45 series, the sports monitors benefit from a comfortable C544L header microphone and the ultra-light PT45 pocket transmitter, to provide them with the greatest possible mobility, while maintaining optimal Intelligibility and high sound quality

The Perception Wireless 45 systems are a quality solution for the user who needs a reliable, economical and rapid HF connection to be implemented.
Each element of the Perception Wireless 45 range operates in a 30 MHz switchable bandwidth in the 500 MHz UHF frequency range at 865 MHz.
These current systems respond to the essential need to be able to choose from different carrier frequencies (with the same system) when implementing the HF link.
When buying, the user should simply choose the UHF band portion in which he wishes to work. To do this, different models are available each operating a specific frequency band.
In use, each element has a selector to choose from up to 8 different carrier frequencies (following the selected band), on the receiver and the corresponding transmitter. These frequencies are pre-selected and fixed. All existing bands do not allow the same choice in number of possible frequencies. Band A of this product allows a choice of 8 frequencies.


Data sheet

10 heures
Frequency band
Band A: 530.0 - 559.0 MHz
(29 MHz)
Passante Band
40 Hz - 20 Khz
60 x 74 x 30 mm (housing)
200 x 190 x 44 mm (receiver)
10 mW
60 g (case)
360 g (receiver)
Signal/Noise Ratio
1 1.5 V AA battery (case)
external mains supplied (receiver)